The Story Behind
'Cut the Tosh'

Beyond a Movement

At Multi Bintang Indonesia, our products play a role in bringing people together and uniting differences—and like our products, we want to be a connector and driver of the ecosystem that allows movers and shakers in sustainability to come together and scale up our sustainability efforts. Therefore, together with our partners, we initiated the 'Cut the Tosh' movement.

Beyond just a movement, 'Cut the Tosh' is a reminder, a statement and a calling to walk our talks in sustainability. With 'Cut the Tosh', we aim to turn our talks into impactful actions through meaningful collaborations, while addressing the challenges and sharing best practices to overcome them.

Turning Narratives into Actions

Architecting a collective community where collaboration and innovation are the heart of building a sustainable society—preparing the world for tomorrow and future generations. It’s time to turn the narratives into actions.
Join the Movement

Together We Can Make a Big Change

To make a massive impact, it cannot be enough to have it all individually. Cut the Tosh is not only a campaign, but it is a movement, a calling, and an encouragement in sustainability practices. In order to reach the same goal, this movement involves many parties to have contribution in creating meaningful collaboration and support each other.

Clear Plans, Real Actions

We present many activities to support the vision of this movement. Sustainability Uncovered series and Cut the Tosh Collaboration Summit 2022 are the real examples that we take this agenda seriously and always strive to make it happen. Explore this hub to get more information and updates on Cut the Tosh!
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